Lorenzo Carbonari



DEF - Dipartimento di Economia e Finanza and CEIS.

Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”, Via Columbia, 2

Building B (II floor, room 56), 00133 Rome, Italy.

Phone: (+ 39) 06 7259 5708.

E-mail: lorenzo{dot}carbonari{at}uniroma2{dot}it.

Fields of interests

Macroeconomics, Health Economics.

Working papers

¤ “Inflation and Welfare in Competitive Search Equilibrium with Asymmetric Information”. Coauthors: F. Mattesini and R.J. Waldmann.

¤ “Variety, Competition, and Population in Economic Growth: Theory and Empirics”, DEMM Working Series n.6/2017 [pdf] [online appendix]. Coauthors: A. Bucci and G. Trovato.

¤  “Collateral and Development” [pdf]. Coauthors: N. Amendola and L. Ferraris.